How to enjoy bowling [Manor] hen

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It is occasionally do bowling is fun. Get long-awaited, well done to enjoy! This time to play bowling pleasant introduces three manners.

Exceed the fall line.

Fairline gulches, multi-step, knocked down many pins does not count ( buzzer with “Boo” or by bowling ). It is very dangerous and oil a special surface of the lane is painted, so if you stepped its oil across the fall line, also slipped. Also, because approach also it about oil, because others it is difficult to throw, careful.

Don’t throw the ball.

So wound it about lane also dangerous on don’t have seen people power spare in bowling are already dropping bowling ball literally. Also, not point and end up burying the control is not applied, basically too good.

Throw at the same time the next person.

For each other is distracting, and at the same time throwing dangers such as ball, legs hit the person next to may. So the general right of priority is bowling etiquette, protect as much as possible (even if lane next to people who didn’t even care if as here not will issue).

Defending the Manor let bowling fun!


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