How to quickly make Curry

Speaking of Curry, rice staple evening. Each home recipe and ingredients of either isn’t there something? We will introduce how we make Curry in a short time.

Materials required

  • Half the Curry Roux bin
  • Two potatoes (in)
  • 1 Carrot
  • Two onion (medium)
  • Sesame 200 g meat of swine
  • 1 Cans of canned tomatoes
  • About 500 cc water
  • Rice


  1. Quickly make Curry, it is important to Setup. The first tomatoes, wonderful water and supermarkets pot, leave warmed over low heat, melt while Lou.
  2. Strip the skin of carrots, potatoes, boiled vegetables with a cook in the microwave ( approximately 12 ~ 3 minutes I think ). Scalping is to use the peeler would early.
  3. Onion, carrots and potatoes are cooked in the microwave while FRY in pan. Onion, some enjoys and to, and put the pork.
  4. Was ending with fried onion and pork, so I think after you cook the carrots and potatoes, and put them all pot. Thaw for some time after that is completed. Let’s Eat at Rice through!

Notes and tips

  • Is my favorite completely put tomatoes (laughs).
  • To cook potatoes in the microwave and boiling can prevent using too much while cooking.


As written in the back of supermarkets, and “cut the material, not stir the water, dissolve Roux, often” it is turn’d to do, just take.
As well with the tools I will time considerably so in parallel and eduction,. Also, put the tomato Curry is recommended. Joined the hotness of acidity, slightly authentic feel. Public care recipe of you!


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