It’s that simple! pot-steamed hotchpotch range

Chawanmushi is love, making troublesome! Come try out so very easy

Materials required

  • Egg
  • Great for commercial mushroom and soup
  • Your favorite tool is


  1. Turn on the first divided by chawanmushi containers of powdered eggs.
  2. Next to your favorite tools. Delicious is Ginkgo and chicken less obvious things.
  3. The boiling hot water made of mushroom and soup, and puts it in containers.
  4. Finally Silicon lid or wrap over Dick only. Because different time by vessels or range, please it looked like.

Notes and tips

  • So that becomes miserable range and they too put your soup, deep vessel is recommended.


Anyway this if very easily chawanmushi is fun at any time. I will use container lid with Silicon is very useful.


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