At So Noodle vermicelli and noodle tomato pasta

Tried to make tomato sauce pasta instead of pasta, in So Noodle

Materials required

  • Tomato sauce 1 / 2 bottle
  • Onion hemisphere
  • 2 Bunch somen
  • Mozzarella cheese 50 g
  • One tomato


  1. Translucent until it is frying the onion stir fry
    Pour the tomato sauce Fry lightly onions become translucent. Cool for at least on a plate.
  2. While they cool the tomato sauce, boil So Noodle
  3. So Noodle -up morsels on a cold tomato sauce 8 Ride to cut tomatoes and mozzarella cheese is completed.
  4. To the tomato sauce and eat this surprising,,, And mozzarella cheese with,,,?

Notes and tips

  • So Noodle delicious is just a little stiffer, boiled


So Noodle what did came up with the recipe is quite spare, had become confused usage even when


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