Eat pumpkin, Quentin

How delicious and easy to eat pumpkin for Halloween.

Cut the pumpkin into bite-sized.
Wrapped in heat-resistant dish. About abruptly enters the skewers in the microwave until heated ( and heat 1 minute increments range varies so good or )
Was taken out from the oven, and lets the pizza cheese from bread crumbs and mayonnaise, and while taking the rough heat kinda,. This also on sprinkle magic salt and Crazy Salt OK.
Until now Grill burned they Panko lightly in the toaster oven heating still easy pumpkin Gratin voila.


With a size of about 2 minutes the pumpkin off species before oven heating. Then you slice it might be good. Injury kabocha is hard so be careful.
Of course, is hot so be careful Burns also served. Delicious of hokuhoku kabocha is ^ ^


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