Try skipping yogurt lacu

Skipping yogurt and getting increasingly popular. Easy to make your child and yourself enjoy a snack.

How to make easy skipping yogurt Small ball that has stricken the 100 yen shop and colander.
Place the colander, ball on laid paper towel in a colander. There, children and older kitchen paper… and if I think of you.
Overlapping of unbleached coffee filter.
There the yogurt.
Wrap to sleep the night before put in the refrigerator. Composed of the following morning.
If you’re plain yogurt too weak, and the sweet yogurt and fruit into the ordinary Cup.
But the plane first?:. Mixing completed colander yogurt, raisins, Fruit Granola pancake syrup and honey over top.
More delicious and eat just once it get a refrigerator from the blend. Nice to PAP ( from overdue notes, honey is a 1-year-old ) mixed with stewed fruit.


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