Cooking beans azide

And breakwater, family fishing classic, Goldilocks introduces a small subject = beans subject to fishing can eat delicious way.

Materials required

  • Bean azide
  • Potato starch


  1. It is easy. 1.
    Fried scads
    Gill and evil and Choi taking glare starch is fried only.
    By so small a head and a pond.
    Also exceptional and put chilli oil. 2.
    Pickle in Portuguese
    Add another hand.
    First, let’s make fried NANBAN pickle.
    1 Sliced onion slicer plenty.
    2 Shredded carrots.
     (3) After’s seasonings. The combination of easy.
     Vinegar, soy sauce: 1:01:01
     Good is whatever Cup match the subject of.
    Meet at the same rate.
     (4) And, from only fried pickle.
    Put the chili to liking, too. (E) placing when eat onions chopped to Nice.

Notes and tips

  • Head and getting deliciously fishing will.



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