I know delicious fine food materials Wild rice

Wild riceRecently, tasting food that Wild rice had stations on the Road stopped. Its taste is for the first time knowing what was was amazing.

Station in heguri-Cho NARA ikoma-gun for the drive “to Yamato Road curl up” that happens to be stopped by to. Say’s today are directly the locally grown products at that time, next, [Wild rice] be astonished that delicious Tempura and tasting things, only with salt to it.
And hear more, you are treated as the finest ingredients from China, including of. It’s part to become bloated in that part of the stalk of the plant shoot on zizania latifolia is a species of bacteria. Cooked cut out there it was. Like eating bamboo shoots with it as wanted. Taste was what this meet feeling, especially chemistry and oil is cool very. I was impressed at the time was listening anyway, see also eat first.
Still not know who recommended you try us once.


Wild rice is the finest ingredients. As farmers are told from home look pleased and because it was knowledge increased one.


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