Using the right knife chef Mr. heard

Tons and the rhythmic sounds from the kitchen knife is a pleasant one. Taste the dishes says and also determined by your knife.
A tool dropped that incorrectly cut a finger injury. Remember your correct knife, safe to create delicious dishes.

Before you use the knife

-Ready kitchen knife Law is to use the knife cut better.
Cook’s starts daily sharpen knives.
Slipped off hand it destroyed the material, with knife never expire, turn to taste the dishes fell. You may not sharpen it every day at home, let 1 times per week to sharpen.
-How to put the knife When not in use the knife blade for more distant from the body, place parallel to the body. Pattern that extends beyond the chopping, and hitting the body and things fell, an unexpected injury.

How to use the right knife

STEP 1: who stands Between the stove and body punching the fist one minute, pull right leg behind.
Is a good body be chopping a 45-degree angle. When off is a fun and remember this standing who, made no extra power, and the knives were made the cut.
STEP 2: hold more knives Have solid pattern the middle finger, ring finger and little finger, has a solid back side of the thumb and forefinger blade. You can extend your index finger.
STEP 3: help more left
Chopping and puts off the parallel. Gently hold the fist, rounds the tip of a finger. Left hand Palm and fingers, hold down the material.
STEP 4: how to cut
Let’s start by putting its head put the knife to cut at right angles.
Hits so knife during the first joint and two joint of the finger off.

Tricks to well off that finger to stagger the 1st joint win according to the cut, and focuses on no. 2 joint knife cut beginning.
If we hit the first articulated the left begins the No. two joint again this time round. While the left Palm and finger position is fixed! Only in changing the rounding condition of finger off.


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