Curry’s volume up! How to build a simple dry Curry seasoning

Holiday lunch. Eating but I want to and out, from pay day certainly weather too bad no whim.
Even ate the Ghazal not! Curry only House not only such,… It let’s put furniture retort pouch Curry!
Is made thinking it would be if the ground becomes dry core, or recipe. The introduction became staple home recipes from it.

Materials required

  • One of curry
  • 200 G ground-your choice in more
  • Half an onion
  • Carrot 3 cm long


  1. They chopped onions, carrots Somewhat larger is okay.
  2. Fry the vegetables, ground. Salad oil dosage, and fry the vegetables. Onion becomes transparent in addition steamed ground.
  3. Add the Curry. Curry water make it fly let to high heat. Keep mixing in order to prevent overbake.
  4. Completed! Curry fine volume was up. So we impatiently 2 people in the amount of ground that may meet a sudden guest! Please try it!

Notes and tips

  • Ground and slight taste of curry thin ball I. Always more outspoken Curry is delicious may be correct. If the House and added curry powder can also recommend the.


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