It’s fluffy omelette plain

Speaking kids favorite foods such as curry and meat spaghetti is familiar, it seems that while the typical “omelette” and. But eating shops fluffy, is also going to make an omelet, doesn’t quite work. Miss the timing even when trying to churn out… becomes scrambled eggs intact. So, little twist using ordinary eggs just fluffy and will teach you the tricks to make an omelet.

Mix the material while in addition to dairy products,

First, three will be dissolving eggs. At this time, dairy milk, butter, mayonnaise or any refrigerator add just a little bit. It is best with whipped cream. Taste great and at first glance the mayonnaise, so that seems to be so changed, don’t mind if small is fine. And the season pointless waving taste.

Along the way, will bake the eggs while lowering from the fire,

We bake the eggs. Wait for the fire coming through the eggs intact and flowed well heated frying the eggs. Where thin baked egg to become part of frying pan at the bottom and stops fire began churning the egg coddled state overall. And state their soft-boiled eggs, “ball” will mix with the dash. Smoothly overall, again we deftly and eggs frying pan.


From here, will move up the omelette shaped. Frying pan first, listening 45-degree, at the edge of the Pan plays the beautiful half moon type of omelette. Kinda cool for at through the fire, unplug the the frying pan, put on a cold wet dishcloths least frying pan. So for the first time, omelette and will heat frying pan also remains of a 45-degree angle. And repeat several times to complete this task, “another extent is cooked” and wait your dish because the State looks after the good.

If you stick to stick to the Pan

Frying pan will make from in normal pans without oil well heat is best use of Teflon. How to master pretty shaped like produced in Western omelet or frying pan cooks use the oil soaked get somewhere, and make “make the strongest omelette Pan” while using years myself, good will.


Most techniques is not needed for this recipe. If you dare say when emptied the Bowl that is point may well stir fluffy. Please try making the so fluffy omelette, pleasing children and children in this way.


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