Cream puffs in the toaster

Even without oven is possible make toaster even shoe leather. Introduced that way.

Materials required

  • 80 G butter (margarine are acceptable)
  • 250 Cc water
  • Flour 120 g
  • 3 Eggs
  • Cream stuffing during such


  1. Mix ingredients First put the butter and water pot on fire.
    When melted in addition mixing mixflour well. Whiff of powder is no longer stop at, well beaten eggs in different containers, plus mix little pot. So is a time and put all difficult to mix sure to little.
  2. Narrow fabrics Put dough in plastic bags, bag of about 5 mm square off. Cooking sheets and squeeze 3-4 cm size, spaced out 3 cm long. To be in the form as beautiful, with the customer.
  3. Bake Put in the toaster (Note burn), 13-15 minute burn.
    (Always seen from the window do not open the lid) Let’s bake some firmly and properly inflated, to Color Dodge. Without even from burnt opening lid intact, is about 10 minutes, left.
    If no then wither.
    Inflate can absolutely open lid firmly, even from burnt & is not deflating. Try taking rough heat out of the toaster from your favorite cream etc.

Notes and tips

  • Paved foil toaster baking sheet at squeeze the dough, 2, and set the timer to 5 minutes, please keep the remaining heat


One pack in and enjoy.
A good custard are delicious sushi, raw cream. I think good mix cocoa and tea, soybean flour, cream, also.
Break off when agitate, and showed the cut, with fruit and whipped cream sandwich the looks cute. It also can Suisse across the ice.


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