Lack of vegetables to prevent easy recipes

People tend to lack vegetable life recommended

White radish sprouts

Vitamin K, vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin E and has many white radish sprouts, has the effect, such as digestion, appetite and fatigue recovery. There, shimeji, boiled into water and seasoning pot simmer on medium heat 2 1,. In addition to white radish sprouts there, over the boil again white radish sprouts and shimeji salad made.


Komatsuna is particularly nutritious vegetables in many vegetables. Calcium is another of many vitamins, rich. Komatsuna, salt-boiled and cooled with cold water then squeezed dry isolates a decent length. Then boil water in a pot add Cookbook, salt, and boiled and dried baby sardines. In addition, when boiled again soon stopped at komatsuna once again boiled off is komatsuna and boiled and dried baby sardines.


Rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C rich fruit and vegetables other than by far the best cabbage. Of the digestive system, prevention of aging effect in antioxidant vitamin C.
Sweet is rich in spring cabbage is particularly soft, so we Bukkake this bite-size hand, heat-resistant container warms 2 or 3 minutes in the range, Shin to be. Slightly cool it, accumulated in the water, plus mix salt kelp. Finally completed over dosage of sesame oil, if you ask me, spread to the whole “sesame oil marinated cabbage and salt kelp”. Real quick, easy delicious cabbage is hard content.


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