Discoloration of the Apple

Is a way to prevent discoloration of Apple. When Bento, please

Cut the Apple in water

You can cut the Apple in water, combine with oxygen in the air and polyphenols inhibit, prevent discoloration.

The acid

And put Apple acid help prevent discoloration.
Following two methods:
(1) Endanger water directly put on the Ascorbic acid powder or melted it. (2) Soak in lemon or lime juice. A little lemon juice is the unique peculiarity. After soaked in the juice rinse water not lost, acid effects.

Pass the hot water

You can lose the enzymes in the hot water through. Let satchel 1-2 minutes in boiling water,clean it with water in cold water.

Wrap in cellophane.

In rap slant back and wrapping also effective. You can keep the freshness.


Salt water to 2-3 minutes. Especially, when salad is useful so that even seasoned combines.


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