A convenient lunch homemade frozen food tips

Frozen dinner too, is put, making homemade frozen food tips. Useful to put in the Bento,

Exhausted within two weeks to plan

Frozen food to say too much yet, have long, oxidized flavor falls. So hopefully, exhausted within two weeks!

Boiled vegetable store is in a plastic bag

Use the plastic bags to store boiled vegetables such as broccoli and squash.
Of course, can even “Ziplock” so little for high when you went to the Super architecture paid vinyl bag Pack luggage counter 2-3 extra.
Say, vegetable is put by hand, clung apart from is to become easier. It is very easy to use.

From from burnt hamburger, fries are fried

From burnt hamburger, fried prawn and Pork cutlet fried from your frozen also. Easily in the Nuke only doing so.

Use of paper cups rather than Aluminum Cup .

Frizzled Pentagram etc of so instead of Aluminum Cup if you subdivided and frozen, use silicon or paper cups in the microwave.
Certainly, a cheaper Aluminum Cup aluminum cannot in the microwave.
So, how to say warm in the oven intact to Bento is not. Silicone and paper, and that is okay! Because shops also sell 100 yen, try once.


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