Quick make miso soup

Busy morning, morning not make miso soup also rice, who to recommend making miso soup

To large onion thinly

-Easy to say absolutely no preparation, translation is not. Every Sunday and Monday take to Saturday week’s preparation.
Preparation and even easy. First, the onion thinly.
There are thin onion condiment into even better To smell good, recommended to use the ordinary onion.

Thinly, the scallions and miso and dried seaweed

Place thinly with leeks and saffron.
1 Weekly minutes provided onion thinly and Cup level spoon miso in Saran Wrap together. Narrow mix your favorite dry seaweed together at this time, it is useful later.
Of miso together with Saran Wrap,
Thapa, store in a refrigerator. In about one week to maintain without any problems.
However, would like to note that. It’s things they too increase the amount of miso. Not less miso??
And is fully in place I think. Too many please do so too, will be made of salty miso soup, be careful.

Using species miso miso soup recipe

Using species miso miso quality recipe is very simple.
But I forgot to explain
One small onion and seaweed and miso and species miso, together with Saran Wrap. It into a bowl, pour boiling water is the only.
There are better if you have things like a lid
Rummage rummage put a little water, pour a little water again. Then, is it made miso, strange things easily.


Plus any food, even ago one can be easily cooked in a short time.
Using this kind miso miso soup recipe is its base.
Rice also frozen Thapa, once warmed in the microwave
You can now morning to provide rice and miso soup.
Put it in the microwave, also fried, pierced with a toothpick to the yolk.
Can be fried, without using the fire.
In one hand between the little and rice can now make the morning, a rich menu can be. Please please help.


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