Microwave cleaning

In the microwave and is kept clean is hard to say though, using on a daily basis. Beautiful not to waste power consumption increase.

First of all, steam

Taut line before cleaning the microwave in enough had sucked water with a water bowl, Dick let.
Dishcloths are bowls were 3-4 minutes, 7-8 minutes your standard. steep the range of dirt so that steam.

What can be removed to the sink

steep steam, can be removed, such as a turntable is we have to sink. 10 Minutes, so hot as to

Heated towels at MOP

Dishcloths warmed well let’s MOP.
Because go is becoming so hot, rubber gloves, and that is good.
Narrow places or where dirt-caked rolled dishcloths. Rub, tukaani directly to be hurt, always roll line.

The detergent to clean dirt

Let’s use a detergent diluted in water, stain sticks to fall. Impregnate it on kitchen paper and paste.
Is exactly a poultice of it.
And let sit for 10 minutes should have become easier to fell.
As if you’re still dirty like fall, following cleaning and when to remove dirt just like you.
If the repeat time and again one will fall. Wrong also to discredit and let, so no wounds.
After using a detergent properly water please. Detergent remains would give negatively.

Clean the outside of the

Also outside let properly cleaned.
Dust absorption exhaust trench it also neatly take stain well. Also removed the turntables, such as beautiful!

At line end dry finish

At the line end to dry MOP! It looks nice to wipe off the extra water is complete.


By diligently cleaning, cleaning up here is okay at 1 times,. Do nothing the blister is great.


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