Difference between pasta and spaghetti

Recently variety has increased to the noodles, pasta is a clear difference is that spaghetti and?
Stylish expression of spaghetti, pasta and believes it is that the difference may properly spaghetti with pasta. Japan, commonly called spaghetti is one of pasta. Noodle-shaped long past, saying the shape and thickness, by name with each.

Means, Pimp, Italy, spaghetti, and 1. Says 8 more noodles. Spaghettini is finer than the spaghetti 1. 6 These noodles is called. Also refers to a thin somen noodles like the Capri II in Italy, means, hair. Also, linguine in cross section than the oval-shaped spaghetti flat noodles, fettuccine is.
Known as the No.1 kishimen Japan wide, flat noodles. Also name is with shaped macaroni macaroni in short pasta named pasta colleagues who know one another and in Japan there is.
Shape does not look like spaghetti, lasagna and ravioli is a type of pasta.
In other words, pasta, fish cake made from hard wheat flour predominantly Italy, primarily generic spaghetti, and type of limits, has collectively pasta widely. Things for how to cook these pasta and thyme and oil, white wine and friendly plain, thick ones specificity thyme with the rich of tomatoes and cream-based fine long pasta is.


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