Delicious shaved ice

Tips for professional shaved ice

Poker ice machine is used for blocks

For machine structure on blocking Poker can be of ice machines cut thin ice.
When events such as Dekaki ice machine rental blocks for poker select the ice machine!
Try turning the knobs of the roughness of the ice. I think and understand is the difference in the quality of the ice. ( can be set as finely )

Use the pure ice ice

Ice containing chlorine, and when the mouth feel.
Food feeling edgy mouth ice removal equipment of chlorine no ice machines,
Is it just left. NET sells in the Iceman’s ice is to completely eliminate the chlorine using activated carbon filtration, ion exchange membrane and reverse osmosis membrane, water purifiers, thorough removal of chlorine. Are you pure ice spent more than 48 hours time, high-purity ice.

From melted ice surface cut

Ice just out of the freezer, it would too hard. Ice surface is wet, soft, and can cut the surface even just cutting out slightly. Polar is sharpen the e thin skin to speak with canna,.
Let’s wait until wet ice surface abruptly dissolved contains the mouth, making such ice. Here is the point.




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