Candy making useful trivia

Think hobbies that are often very sweets and dessert-making This provides tips and tricks about candy or dessert manufacturing.

Whipped up quickly that whipping across the way

But, if you make the whipped cream, don’t mix up cream is approximately 15 minutes However, you can make the whipped cream in 90 seconds using this method, only.
Small amount of jam into the whipped cream. 2. In the thickening / stir 90 seconds.
You can easily make whipped cream, make jam.
Jam contains ingredient is pectin, it has the effect of air and fat easier to stick to.
Air and fat easier to stick to is a translation that bubbling well quickly and easily make the whipped cream.
You can make any jam jam contains pectin if.
Together the applications, such as Strawberry cake into the Strawberry Jam, must be funny taste. Also, only thanks to sugar jam without sugar.

Stripping shit strong citrus fruit Peel

Shell solid, such as refresh summer Orange citrus fruit is quite serious.
However, toaster oven, heating 5 minutes between its fruit
It is possible only in the cool, easy to shell. Also from the effect does not change, even after hours heated readily and stored in the refrigerator.

Easy to make French toast

Hassles and surprising takes this to make French toast is perfect for breakfast or snack. However, you can easily use this method, make French toast.
Paint on both sides of the bread pudding. 2.
Paint the caramel on a 1. 3.
Put two chopsticks on the dish, and put on the bread. 4. 1 Heated in the microwave.
Only can be this easy to make French toast. When toasted so easy to make, why not try?




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