To make delicious method of saving cucumber

Asshole is the cucumber absent too.
I bought long-awaited, henachena… I no experience? Little long-lasting way.

It is an important twist!

1 ) to take water!
Curry is just gotta affect to the dry.
Because water attached to a surface, it started decaying from Wipe frequently kitchen paper and save time.
2 ) you!
Curry is poor and part on the stand should be stored.
Buy now and then, next to put in place, such as the tilde or not, at the end?
As curry and vegetables grow vertically, as shown next to save,
Away and wasted water and nutrients, such as homogeneous and more sensitively turned on
As a result, is Ms. Henna Hena to get it soon. Such as bottles and plastic bottles, and their fun is!


Incidentally, the cure itself is not a food to retain to begin with.
1-2 Days, i.e. If the room temperature to buy on the day use only.
Refrigerator 4-5, is critical. Too buy even cheaper since may effect of temperature during the summer, so so, lol.



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