Vegetable storage tips

How to save the vegetables a little bean knowledge

Vegetables should keep the edges

Spinach save shapes side dish down so has grown vertically from the ground in the field, such as asparagus, a garland chrysanthemum, green onions, ( vertically growing ) vegetables to the edges.
It is the habit to be knocked down and sensitively turned to using nutrient. Is trivial, for even a little less perishable like is important.

In a damp environment better vegetables

Spinach, leafy vegetables such as komatsuna, chrysanthemum, lose moisture is good and putting plastic bags packaging and newsprint dampened the will to do so.

Better not stored chilled vegetables

Become a “low temperature injury falls flavor in ginger, eggplant, cucumber, and would save cool in the fridge” is. Wrap and Pack vegetables room.



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