In a surprising way to easily make Sukiyaki

Plow takes on a roll I make baked (Sukiyaki).
Sukiyaki soup is soy sauce, Mirin and dashi, sugar etc.
Do let me… make them into a pot. Anyway, easy to eat Sukiyaki!
Way there said.
Use is soy sauce, and what coke and cooker. Ingredients and even if the super easy to make sukiyaki.

Materials required

  • Soy-dosage
  • Cola is OK in some commercially available cans–200 cc
  • Ingredients-your choice


  1. In the rice cooker, 200 beef and ingredients of your choice such as shungiku, shirataki, leeks, And turn on the Coca-Cola 200 cc, 100 cc water.
  2. After all the cooker lid, switch on!
    Wait for 15-20 minutes. Soup boiling in the completed put the sauce!


Sugar Cola exquisitely intertwined to you meat, delicious sukiyaki.
Also because of Coca-Cola to meat tender, offers delicious even cheaper meat. When the menu and lunch ingredients in is recommended. Give it a try.


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