Delicious oysters of the twist ice

Oysters with delicious hot as ice.
Hey sweet cold ice syrup over eat, lets you forget summer heat temporarily.
Not only Poker so much too little ice, a device, you experience ever, delicious oysters may be on the ice. With that said, behind technology wind here is fun and quirky oysters more delicious oysters, ice will introduce how to eat the ice.

[Leche Poker ice]
Same Leche poker by ice, change to make is delicious.
And just that when making ice, just usually is to freeze water, mix well and put condensed milk before this water freeze Will be added to the elegant sweet ice.
Normally after a keep, Strawberry Syrup.
[Rice cake Poker ice] Poker mochi mochi a ride on the ice, eat Poker ice.
This is pretty good.
Leche even, Strawberry Syrup, adzuki beans, Matcha, anything goes. The texture and taste a bit like white.
It is delicious baked rice cake, if possible.
Poker before depositing the mochi on the ice, some water or ice mochi cold I ice too decomposed to Poker, you need. Might be good to bite-size.
Also Grill burned rice cake, but it also delicious.
[Yakult Poker ice] Yakult calls instead of syrup.
In this super healthy Poker is the completion of the ice. A perfect balance of intense flavour of Yakult and ice cold.
Is the taste of calpis Poker is similar to the atmosphere of the ice.
[Avocado Poker ice] Poker lets avocado chilled on ice.
Mixing mashed avocado is as much as possible is recommended. Subtle sweetness of avocado and ice cold very match.


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