Various instant noodles recipe

If you like instant noodles will probably lots, is hesitant to eat as a result, would many people become the same recipe each time. So, introduces the various frames, anyone can easily make.

[Noodles and milk to the Carbonara!

Noodle seafood taste, mix milk and eat will taste of Carbonara.
I want to do if milk is heated. [Noodles and sauce in the Neapolitan!

Mix the soy sauce taste of cup noodles in lots of ketchup or tomato juice and eat.
The spaghetti Neapolitan flavour. [The saltiness in creep most hang taste!

Eat mixed with common coffee shio ramen, creep, and most tips will taste. [Udon’s Thailand flavor with Tabasco!

No matter how walls of eat and put Tabasco soy can Thailand flavor. [Ramen, Japanese sake!

If the pot by making instant noodles recommended as surprising spice sake. Just before the put out the fire is put a little.
Alcohol has a deodorizing effect, oil noodles, turn off the odor is glutaminic soda and amino acids in sake components such as spits and mellow taste.
Because some effects are cup noodles, try Zehi Zehi.
[Miso noodles in peanut butter]
Tired of ordinary miso ramen, is how you want to try.
As you would normally put 1 cup or 2 level tbsp peanut butter commercial steps making miso ramen, on the verge of completion, it is.
You can then, as taste to eat peanut butter aroma miso ramen, well matched.
[Salted spaghetti]
It is salted squid with boiled spaghetti, fine.
[Kite burnt ramen]
Put the whole steaming takoyaki ramen noodles is.
Particularly goes with soy sauce flavored ramen.
Takoyaki eat politicizing noodle tsuyu, pummeled in the frame of takoyaki, truly excellent.
[Salami frame] Salami snacks drinks go well.
Is the finest ingredients, this salami fit frames well. Fat salami too often stretchable ramen.
Especially pork bone lines is the best!
[Ramen natto]
What as the name suggests, that put noodles in natto.
Enter a steaming bowl of noodles, natto stinking not so much.
The said natto is fit to various foods such as fried rice
So if you can put soy sauce flavored ramen!
Noodles of pork bone lines into the natto, stinking up extraordinary, is inedible.
[Umeboshi frame]
What as the name suggests, that put umeboshi in the frame.
Will cause a faint sour soup noodles seeps, and always delicious. What soup also goes with umeboshi.


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