Tricks tastier frying Tempura!

Delicious tempura is the cloth that flied, “crispy”.
However, a good frying it is quite difficult.
Tastier frying Tempura point is do well “cloth-making” and “fried” on firm under process combined materials. The master “flaky” and become to be deep fried Tempura.

Cloth making point of??
  First is preparing materials. Powder material and uses the stickiness of less flour.
  Also powder,
  Chilled in the freezer before you clothes was thickly gluten viscosity not out.
  Underperformers sticky powder, egg dough powder and ( ice ) water in the fridge make cool.

Basics of clothing combinations, 1 cup (100 g) powder: 1 egg and is 1 cup cold water.
  Also with sparkling wine and beer instead of water, baking powder and
  Clothes dry for the same reasons.
  -100 G flour, make less than one teaspoon baking powder or baking soda, and
  Carbon dioxide occurs during heating, extra water also evaporates with fried dry,…
  Cold also makes easy and better.

Low stickiness of starch and starch to make let 2 percent estimate.
  Added powder egg water when mixed cloth (note not vice versa), Do not produce the sticky mix DAMA remains with thick chopsticks around cut.

System of Government now is finally frying tricks.

※ When FRY points 1. Heavy old oil and dry.
  Also, less the amount of oil well

Because temperature will be easier to fall, at least 5 cm or more is required depth of the oil.
  2. Guide to frying temperature, Greens and 160-170 ° c, leaf vegetables

Root vegetables, fruit, mushrooms are 170-180 ° c, seafood is 180-190 ° c.

3. Temperature not fry 1 times the amount to keep to place half of the surface.

4. Don’t double put fried tempura is pissed, and let’s cut the oil. Should be some fried Tempura always more dry in this. widgets


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