A good burn towards hormone

Introduce how to burn the charcoal burning hormones well.

Materials required

  • Seven wheels,
  • Hormone
  • Ice (if any)


  1. First of all, in the central part of the skin surface under strong fire burn firmly.
  2. Under the skin, and well-spaced to greasy surface outside of the Web often burn near where.
  3. When it came out at fat falls in the middle is burn grabbed ice tongs NET at the BM BM, and touch the fire subsides. ※ Because to leave the ice on the Web and is weakening, back plate, huh?

Notes and tips

  • Bake properly so that organs are nice, fat falling too through the fire and so attaches a path with care.


Know your staff just had done so, you try us! – Rakuten hormones looking for it


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