Reuse the material remains in the handmade fly, tonkatsu, Tempura

After such as tonkatsu and Tempura made it delicious and difficult to use fine materials reuse to throw away!

Materials required

  • After FRY and homemade get beaten egg, bread crumbs, flour
  • Cabbage dosage
  • Red pickled ginger
  • Leftover pork,
  • Salt


  1. The chopped cabbage.
  2. Mix everything remained, such as egg, bread crumbs, flour, and in addition has the water mix.
  3. If pork, in addition to red pickled ginger, add salt to the dough making.
    Minus the oil pan, bake both Okonomiyaki voila! We source, mayonnaise and bonito and Ponzu.

Notes and tips

  • Too many bread crumbs are left, I only made it to delicious.


Tonkatsu made?
Shear it can leave little cabbage and pork.
If shrimp fry shrimp enters your favorite baked, were kakiage, such as vegetables, Can anything tastier!


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