How to double the lemon taste exhausted

Accent, fried and grilled fish, cheesecake and tea
Even if use juice mainly as a supporting role for food Constructive fashion raw easily once bought a lemon!
That thing or not?
Further delicious raw lemon was introduced in the TV, So how to use many served, introduce here.

And the charm of true lemon?

Fix lemon gone and good flavor with good citral,
In fact rather than real lemon, it contained many lemon peel.
So, so also usually squeezed lemon, indeed it just squished,
It’s less aroma, acidity is emphasized.
It must respect the lemon rind, nice and oil, Citral is stuck there.
More refreshing fragrance of lemon to enjoy when you squeeze a lemon, Breaking oil cysts often is the point.

Good retention & usage

Two of the following points: -Wash the lemons whole frozen
-Grated Peel and fruit worn together with using wholesale

Only can scent increases it to lemon delicious,
Vitamin C is the juice you can ingest many nearly 5 times more!
Refrigeration and worn skin becomes more grated and oil-er will be fragile. Also, sour or bitter mellow, to enjoy original taste.

Recipe examples

This frozen lemon, is called Aichi Prefecture Toyohashi method
Various cooking grate frozen lemon had over wholesale!
 -Lemon dumplings
Contents of the dumplings is like baking mix grated lemon.
 -Lemon rice
To mix the rice with lemon and rice.
 Somen noodles, lemon Noodle tsuyu, grate the lemon was eating wholesale.
Or even condiments, OK!
 Miso soup and lemon
Pickpockets usually miso soup, grated lemon is just.
 You will + lemon
 Your will is grated lemon over the plenty. No.1 Italy people! Rave reviews and was doing.

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