How to peel Kiwi [beautiful in inter-sectoral] simple skin

When Peel Kiwi , and disabling the portrait skin knife to get quite beautiful, real is likely to collapse!
Said it was because I looked beautiful to easily Peel who. It could even in children!

Materials required

  • Kiwi
  • Large spoon
  • Kitchen knife


  1. Cut the Kiwi half, thrusting a large spoon seated inside the skin, round-up and causes around.
  2. After that round, pressing the skin, vine back and comes a real bug. The real surface is beautiful!
  3. Opposite the tip skin peeled off, if sliced holding the skin can be cut cleanly ☆

Notes and tips

  • End Kiwi remained in the skin actually still Park it and recommend meal then (laughs)


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