[Convenient, safe and economical] Server recommended

Was considering whether put home server ago.
And BREW the coffee taste delicious also requires water I want to drink a delicious jogging after water
On doing hobby I think is very important, “water”.
This Northeast Pacific earthquake damage,
Received more than twice the regulation value of infant is drinking from a water purification plant radioactive iodine was found
Convenience stores and supermarkets nearby. Then, there is no inventory sold out bottled water.
Again, consider this situation put water Server benefits

Was quite remind you that. I summarized the benefits below, into the server easily.

System of government benefits of deploying server
◯ thumbing carrying the heavy water from the supermarket and convenience store
◯ drink safe water at any time. From the always hot and cold water and useful
◯ get so heated use baby milk.
◯ family healthy guys with safe water Choose vanadium with water will be the diabetes prevention.
◯ cuisine be tasty Boil rice is delicious
◯ thumbing bath Cup noodles or tea, coffee and tea now is drinkable.
◯ because the child lock feature with small children are also reassurance.
◯ 1.25 if stock bottle water and disaster, even panic.

System of Government cost server
◯ charges
    1 Bottle = 12 L
      1000-2000 Yen ※ Depending on the supplier.

◯ water Server rental 20
      Free or about 500-1,000 yen ※ Depending on the supplier.

◯ maintenance
    1 Year or 2 years, 1 times
      Approximately 3,000-5,000 yen ※ Depending on the supplier.
◯ electricity Is roughly a month around 1,000 yen.

◯ Supplement: cancellation fees
May and so far no Nero contractor so far
    Roughly, Installed or without cancellation fee if cancelled within 1 year 5000-6000 Yen like quotations.

Summary of??
Most important, convenience, safety and economical means may be
  When a disaster like this has happened to drink safely home can

You have adequate water is always seems to be very big advantage. One Way Water


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