[The basics] know how to freshly ground coffee beans coffee

Coffee (coffee) when they grind when you buy the beans
Ground it happens?
I asked to be.
Enough so to
Coffee (coffee) of summarized the ground better. Actually , your own coffee beans (coffee) try sawed may refer to.

System of Government types of freshly ground coffee

1, Extrafine

Most suitable extract in the espresso machine.
   Has done fine powders Espresso -only mill seems to good use.
◯ drinking those facing -Espresso

2, Fine ground

A strong bitter coffee (coffee) is freshly ground suitable for when you want to drink. Extraction time is short but strong bitter weak acidity coffee (coffee) at all.
◯ drinking those facing
     Want strong acidity and drip
     Iced coffee -Water-out (Water lips)

3. In the ground

It is the most common grain .
  Siphon , drip, French press etc
  Is drinking much better for freshly ground better.
  Grind beans at home or when the purchase is In the ground and a good.
◯ drinking those facing It corresponds to the drinking experience.

4, Rough

Bitter weak coffee (coffee), best
  Generally, when using the powder more suitable. Is a delicious drink to a longer extraction time points .
◯ drinking those facing
     -Use powder lot Coffee percolator , French press and drip


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