Annoying is [excised scalping] how easy

What great so why is scalping excised-!

I thought, looking out to found a simple way to introduce.
  System of Government those who recommended
   And excised tonjiru and boiled it but I want to make the round, Scalping is trouble!
  And if you are shunned.
   But, challenged scalping knife and peeler
  Some frustrated if you cannot work in person.

And if you want to shorten time cooking.
  System of Government a new sense of the excised
  By the way, is excised (hard skin of the outer) hull and inner (inner skin) that two types of skin,
  Lining is has works retain a numeric to the outside.
  Because nutrition includes rich, numeric
  And, it bare knife like peels through the lining of the

Outside numeric, nutrition and flavor is compromised.
  • Easy way part 1
  (1) Round the shoulders long cut foil ( used OK )
    2 Peel off to rub the excised skin foil rounded.

– only the hull clean.

  • Easy way part 2
  1 Wash the excised in water
  (B) put in hot water boil 7-10 minutes or so.
    (3) From cool to put water and Peel in the finger ⇒ lining until vine I!

  So how to boil water, leaves the water’s of the excised
  Boiled back and turn it round to fry recipe using the foil method, How to boil firmly in broth, tonjiru furniture is suitable.


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