Inking technique for Gundam plastic models

Inking is a painting technique to make plastic models look fancy.
The technique helps Plastic models to be more real because ink becomes like shadow.
The major colors used for Inking are black, gray, and brown.

Things you need

– Gundam plastic models
– Ink (black, brown, gray)
– Cotton swab
– Design knife
– Toothpick


You draw lines with a ink beyond dent on a Gundam plastic model.
No worries if your lines are not even straight.
Light Gray ink would be used for white plastic body. You may want to use Brown for red or yellow plastic body, and Black for other dark colors.

When you fail to draw line, a cotton swab, design knife, and toothpick would help.

The left plastic model of the picture is the one before inking, and the right one is after inking.
You may have noticed the effectiveness of the Inking technique.


Inking is a helpful technique that helps a Gundam plastic models to look more real.
However, there are lots of other techniques for Gundam paining. I will keep posted.


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