【KENDO】Tips to select the best bamboo sword

I show you how to select a sword that fits you the best.

Kendo Rule regulates weight and length of a sword.
If you just started Kendo, the following information may help you.

# Names and their length
SabuNi (3,2) – 99cm
SanYon (3,4) – 105cm
SabuRoku (3,6) – 111cm
SanNana (3,7) – 114cm
SanPachi (3,8) – 117cm
SanKu (3,9) – 120cm

# Weight
Adult, Collage students (Men) : 470g – 500g
Adult, Collage students (Women) : 400g – 420g
High School students (Men) : 450g – 470g
High School students (Women) : 390g – 410g
Junior High students (Men) : 400g – 425g
Junior High students (Women) : 380g – 400g
Elementary students : Lighter than that

Most importantly, I strongly advice you to grab a sword and see how you feel.
You may want to pay attention to
– regulations
– the center of the gravity
– fitness to your hands
– feeling about a sword with a sword guard


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