I summarized the parking information around the level five Stadium Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture .

Level five Stadium (hakatanomori forest Ball Hall) the reference so I summarized the nearby parking.

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Dongping tail Park parking

Park has 9 months of free parking, parking about 200 to 300 units of any Be mindful. In such event, impatiently 2 hours more comfortably.
Charge: free

Parking: nine total about 2,200 units http://www.coara.or.jp/~kaitakeo/bigeye/sonota/Hakata/index.htm

Aeonmall Fukuoka parking

Take about 25 minutes on foot until the stadium, a considerable number of stopped. If you get ions.
Charge: free

Parking :5,600 units http://Fukuoka-lucle.aeonmall.com/accessguide/accessguide_1.jsp

Hakata station nearby parking

At about 15 buses Stadium until from Hakata station.
 And it stopped around Hakata station. Bus fee is 270 yen for adults, ¥ 140 children.
Timely parking
    Hakata station 3 minutes walk.
    Price: 20 minutes / 100 yen 24 hours maximum 900 yen

Parking units: 63 http://www.timely-parking.jp/

Star-times Hakata lane
    Hakata station 3 minutes walk.
       Charge: maximum 8:00 price: ¥ 1,100
       20:00 Maximum 400 Yen price
       8:00-200 Yen
    20:00, 100 Yen


Parking capacity: 122 units http://times-info.NET/map/parkdetails/BUK0026419.html

Hakata city of onouemachi, Hakata
    Hakata station until now.
       Rates: per 1 store, shop in & quotamu Plaza Hakata 3,000 yen or more in use
       One hour is free.
       Hankyu Hakata 3,000 yen, over at free 1 hour.

※ Free, up to 2 hours http://www.jrhakatacity.com/information/

Tenjin station nearby parking

At so extraordinary about 25 minutes by bus until the Stadium from Tenjin station.
 Because congestion is expected around the stadium event,
 By bus or taxi going until the stadium there. Bus fee is 370 yen for adults, ¥ 190 children.
Tenjin station underground parking To Tenjin station immediately.
    By bus or taxi, approximately 10 minutes until the stadium.
    Price: ¥ 250 / maximum (1 night) 9:00 4:00-morning ※ evening 30 minutes /1,000 yen

Parking units: 421 http://www.tenchika.com/info_01.html

-Jet parking 24 (Tenjin Kita)
    Stadium is approximately 5 minutes by taxi.
    Price: 6:00-19: 00 30 min 100 yen up 900 yen 19:00-6: 00 60 min 100 yen up 400 Yen Parking capacity: 96
-ジェットパーク nishinaka Yaesu ( Acros Fukuoka and sandbank and harukichi nearby )
    Stadium, about 8 minutes by taxi.

Price: 9: 00 0: 00 30 分 100 yen 0: 00 9:00:60-100 parking: 72 http://www.Tower.or.jp/parking.html

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