I tried together around the Makuhari Messe parking information.

Please reference because I compiled around parking Makuhari Messe Event Hall and Exhibition Hall Hall 9.11.

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Makuhari Messe parking

Now up to Makuhari Messe.
 Since a considerable number of stopped Little more comfortably.
 However, the Messe event is somewhat
  Depends on.

Rate: parking 1 per 1,000 yen units: approximately 6,000 units http://www.Marines.co.jp/stadium/access/

Public parking

Makuhari Messe until approximately 10-15 minutes on foot.
 Often because parking lot also stopped.
   Prefectural first underground parking
      20 Min charge: 100 yen 1, Up to 1,000 yen parking units: approximately 290 vehicles
-Prefectural second underground parking
      20 Min charge: 100 yen
   One day, up to 1,000 yen


Parking: about 460 vehicles http://www.pref.Chiba.LG.jp/kigyou/Makuhari/Shintoshin/parking.html

Makuhari Kaihin Park parking

-5 Minutes to Makuhari Messe.
  However, 8/2011 currently available off-line.

Rate: 1 per 600 Yen parking units: approximately 600 units http://www.m-Messe.co.jp/access/access_car.html

[Tokyo Bay Makuhari タイムズアパ hotels & resorts >

Makuhari Messe until about 5 minutes on foot.
  So are cheaper during the week of recommended parking.
     Price: 00: 00-00: 00 60 分 / 400 Yen (60 minutes after 30 minutes 200 yen /)
  Weekday maximum 1, 800 yen

Parking lot approx. 522 units. http://times-info.NET/map/parkdetails/BUK0021603.html

World Business Garden parking

Makuhari Messe until about 5 minutes on foot.

Price: 30 min / 200 yen parking: approximately 260 units http://www.m-Messe.co.jp/access/access_car.html

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