To set a stiff first novel to write a novel.

The novel is written with the

Little tips when writing “the worlds where a life-style, culture and environment, and common sense differed from the world where we lived”, such as a fantasy and SF, etc.
Although it is a procedure made from a character, even if it hardens from the world, of course, it can do.
I think if the world which you make can be made more attractive.



  1. * has been writing my way.
    By reference.
    The character which comes out first is decided.
    The leading role, the semi- leading role, a supporting player, etc. leave the range decided at this time.
    Some shoulders which a picture applies are good in drawing image drawing.
    since it is important at this time — the textures of dress — firmly .
    They are [ whether it is thick or thin and ] a color, the quality of the material, accessories, etc.
  2. It decides roughly what kind of talk like to write in the character.
    Please decide roughly to the right course of the talk, and an end.
    Since the episode which colors a character can be piled without limit later.
    It is likely to be necessary to determine here the character which serves as an enemy, an obstacle, and a rival to some extent.
    From the next to now, acting before the audience
  3. Let’s pack

  4. setup.
    First of all, a character is deepened.
    After a character is produced, let’s consider the career of a novel time.
    For example, even the same prince
    1. It was Raised into King Who Slips Out of Only Child’s Prince 2. Castle Carefully Raised to Wise but Fainthearted King, and Does People and Gamble in the Castle Town, the prince who grew up while looking at the face of the father who is killed by the demon in the prince 3. mother amazed at whose father, and sinks in sadness — which changes the expression of the attitude and joy, anger, humor and pathos to character and the circumference.
    Although he is only unyielding with the role of “heroine, what kind of the past does the girl who had set only to lovely girl” of a smiling face have? It has been raised fortunately commonly? There is the past which felt mortifying in something. Or did mind become strong?
    Does the character which grew old have width also in deepening?
    When young, what kind of character was it?
    Is it popular at a woman and a male?
  5. The next is environment if a character solidifies to some extent.
    What is the country which becomes a stage?
    Is it an island country? Are you a small country in a continent? Are you a big country? Are you a country of people driven away underground? Is it called a floating island if it is the fantasy world?
    What kind of language is the language currently used in the country?
    With the language in this world, they are German, French, and Spanish. — Is it close to either? Is it the language understood also in the neighboring country or rural areas?
    If it does not lead, when a hero separates from a center, you have to think of an interpreter.
    A right [ that ] transportation device is also important.
    Even if it uses SF and uses the world of a fantasy, if there is a teleportation transportation device, it will be required to consider once the mechanism in which it cannot enter into important buildings, such as a bank.
    If it is a general transportation device of a carriage, on foot, a ship, etc., and it considers to crossing how much it is this country by the transportation device, it will not be troubled by later.
  6. If the

  7. continent and a transportation device are decided, it will go to climate.
    It sets up which hit is what kind of environment, considering the climate in the world where we live.
    For example, it is uncomfortable if there is no desert the hit surrounded by the high mountain in the zone of the amusing equator as used in the field of [ therefore ] on the earth which hits outside for a while, or the center of the large continent when it was not just going to rain.
    Since it is probably also when [ which can manipulate climate free depending on the world ] you do not need to – Care, in such a case, let’s consider its method and reason.
    If climate is decided, crops and livestock which are nature, and suitable dress and building and which grow up in figures (the wall of white coating, a wooden house, etc.) will be decided.
    The lesson of the geography of a high school is useful around here.
    It does not grow up, unless much paddy rice has water, and wheat likes the area conversely dry for a while.
    Since every crops have cultivation marginal temperature, in a not much cold area, how food is got needs to be set up.
    Do hunting people live?
    It is based even on this, and if it thinks that the dress of the character was unsuitable, it will correct.
  8. The next is trade.
    In what kind of thing is it trading in and outside?
    If the flow of things is decided, the world naturally.
    What is what is made for each country and the area to be their favorite?
    If the area good at a blacksmith, the area which exported metal and has purchased food, etc. are decided, does the color of each area clarify?
    The name of main town and countries will be decided here.
  9. The next is a comparatively large place.
    What has happened to the religion and the race of each country?
    For example, what kind of existence is God in which he and she believe noting that a person like a father and Sister is in main characters?
    Is there any symbol corresponding like Christianity, a cross and Islam, and the moon?
    Is it a major religion?
    Is the race currently persecuted in the world in the country which becomes a stage?
    Or do races other than an elf, or a fairy and a human being like dowarf live?
    If it is, how is the relation with man?
    If there is a setup of this hit, depth will increase in number.
  10. After

  11. should accept necessity.
    There is a place deepened without limit.


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