Effects of reading

Not only enjoy but reading is reading a book and do? It does not have. I’m reading the various effects are.

Effects of reading and listening, first think about what? Improving reading comprehension, writing skills, communication skills? To widen the talk? Get the knowledge of what? And variety. It depends on variety and by age. It cites it.
-Elementary school Is speaking and reading for the elementary school, still fostering improved comprehension and imagination. The growth of real human beings to communicate is important, this book gives some will not.
-Junior-senior high school students Terms of nurturing this age, such as improving reading comprehension, writing skills and academic ones will thicken. It can be expected to effect such as the continuation of the concentration.
-Adult If this age, such as reading comprehension and writing skills are not consciously will it. Broaden or narrow the width of the skills and knowledge, can be expected to include the buzz effect.

Also to relieve stress in the reading effects. Effect of tea and music have been higher than the appreciation can be obtained in a short time and that this is a UK University research results,. However, said so forget reality and not immersed in the story for maximum effect does not provide it.
Try incorporating these effects also living together but rather just enjoy just reading, why?


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