How to write a novel background

I want to Yuki cites the several considerations when writing the novel.

Background reading, representing the background characters characters as is. Background images are pleasant only in novel blot, a taste of what will be.
Please recall the scene expressing the leading gourmet reporter ate. I’m just expressing that delicious uses various words.
So what viewers do not eat it only really is easy to imagine. But conversely talent that you tighten went about as tasty words would be? As one of the many travels.
Should be considered whatever background portrayal in novels such as. Makes easier to soak story depiction of firm if you have enough. You can enjoy the beauty of the depiction. That would tend to imagine the scene as if different people read the reverse portrayal were negligent.
But not only the power of the scene description. For example, the two rooms. One’s room approach such as gold, silver and jewels.
Not flashy but is already one of the most famous brand product the room. Now, let’s imagine each room owner.
Rich room and seems both the person completely different Bell will. I’m so you can show such spreads and scene description.
It is a very important element.
However, you may be aware of your past. Side read the weary and make it endlessly is pointed at a boring scene description. Filled with too much information does not help.
If you hear the people passing by
-Place characters Involved after the story and characters
If ad hoc really easy and will be better to describe the characteristics of a little if the people involved after each, is good. Scene description let pace care.


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