Novel-writing script format

You know that script format often used in mobile novel genre? For anyone to write easily nowadays is growing…

What is a script format?
It will eliminate psychological depiction and portrayal of the situation significantly

“” The name of the person that the person ago they are perhaps it.
Example ) Heisuke “lost and found items you know this?

Unforced Kota “, in what it…” Heisuke “don’t so much surprised what?
You look like or like known secrets of ” Unforced junta “at least it! 」

To eliminate the depiction of difficult circumstances in writing a novel, very easy to write is true.
Because simply onomatopoeic and conversation, talk
Also feeling like reading the comics read speaking of benefits will benefit.
However, it cannot let research atmosphere is a novel situation, Practically no story without thickness as a reader.
If think in earnest trying novel
Not a percussive character lines of force that does not have.
You can’t get away from the scene description. Then there is a wrong script format would flee, but also do not go the way.
You might use normal level if making the image of the story.


Script format is what anyone to quickly write whatever novel isn’t.
Is much doth though it reads only in script format. If want to write really, also struggling it writing a novel.


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