Increase the amount of reading tips

Hot summer, how about reading in the House

Find a favorite author

If you become a reading House, my whole reading books much?

It is recommended that you give please record the amount of reading.
読み切った “date” and “book title” only in May.
I think it’s not impossible to write such thoughts when I.
When writing keep from read the long-awaited, got what?
Thinking it might increase the amount of reading than it

It had started reading the next book is nice.
If you came up with the it and write books and paper while reading?
Or, try telling someone blog chokotto gone and would also write good.
(However, when I hear most often is tedious, so to speak together short let.
Also write blog too and absorbed it is also involved in the next book of with as much) is to take changing living habits,
Side went to the among the first to enforce their extent.
While reading the first feeling “I read the book of it ‘s” Per meet.
Is the author to think, “Wow this guy,” emerge.
When it meets such author, is also book the person looking to buy.

A stimulate the sensitivity of their real will be following this interesting, and addicted to fast.
Criteria for selecting the first author’s book is “readability”.
Interesting book, novel, thin books with business books, short stories flip through and look at the contents.
Authors like to respect that, met 2-3 people

Increases the probability of their books and opportunity for synergy and effective, increasing the amount of reading.
Recording, it sometimes looked at bringing trying to be a well-read person, like laughing alone. Is that it is measuring mania.
Then, you can write a newly bought laptop
Monthly calendar section of the Handbook, we write it?

It is not somehow become Avid.
Somehow came across interesting book, and pulled, read lots of books. Said that I think is not quite reality.


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