Windsurfing is is very difficult to ride.
However, sports riding fun. I think easy-to-ride is a windy day.
Please try windsurfing waves gently in a strong wind, the. To adjust the sail received go to the wind.
Can be quickly subjected to wind in the sails of the more advance notice so fear early without the wind speed is slow and difficult to take. Windsurfing is athletic person can take lightly. So please test everything their athletic, wind-surfing.


  1. Please start away from the sandy beach.
  2. Because around the Board to see projections of those behind.
  3. Windsurfing, is best done at least 3 people. Pressed Board firmly in one 乗りましょう.
  4. Calm down those who ride with first しゃが miso: sail on Board taken strides slowly 立ち上がりましょう.
  5. Who tell people if you could securely over on who received and only sail wind behind supporting its signal, gently release Board. Only after receiving is the forward wind.


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