[Wonder] diet to running so why fat?

It worked good day!
Some limited amount of eating!
Nevertheless, losing weight like I thought.

Sometimes rather gain weight.
Not the kind of experience?

I was worried well.

It is required

“Eating or from 噛まず good to eat”

That is.
The viewpoint of practice, and true?
Also that chewing less amount of gastric content

Reduced amount of eating one meal.
Satisfaction Center is stimulated by bite apparently 10 minutes

Eat so much of it can feel a sense of satisfaction.

That’d diet effectively begin chewing.
Even if it says that when hungry, eat rice
About eating and 噛まないで frequently eat rice.
As preventive measures, before the rice or fasting

Good grain and lick candy!
Candy sugar stimulates the satiety center, provides minimal feel excessive hunger. However, candy, 噛まず, slowly 舐めましょう.


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