[Books & reading] “reading meter reading plus a sense of accomplishment”

Reading is fun, keep reading Drudge one lonely is a little bit right.
Let me introduce the reading parameters such useful services.

And meter reading

Quote from the homepage of the meter reading.

Is a book I recently read page number and the quantity of each graph to your reading of records and manage web services. Register books, only pages is cumulative or read and graph it.

For more information click here please. http://book.akahoshitakuya.com/about

Recently, some Web services can interact or record of reading has appeared.
Can be displayed in the Bookshelf format, can register multiple books together, and 作れたり the private Bookshelf features variety come turned fast. Reading meter stands out in it, but think that so many people write comments.

Meter reading fun

And not one person
Only if you manage the library’s other services may be easy. However, by looking at the reading for my thoughts on writing fun standing to strangers, or Exchange the kikkake isn’t one unique reading meter is.
And grin tried in person
Reading the meter registering the book reading as the name suggests, automatically calculate the total number of pages, the total graph of daily.
Also, divide by the number of days from the date of one day what page numbers that are read out. Or want to do while think this 根暗 Hey I also fail to reduce the reading motivation.
-Casually trying to appeal reading
When you register, book reading meter reading can be simultaneously shed notifications to Twitter.
For example, made the story of the follower’s eyes that “I now book reading you want is” registered with the book, book reading thoughts easily. Favorite book is who and what you want. Help making that opportunity.


Registration is easy and you at the email address registered mixi, Yahoo!, such as the social ID login is available. Why don’t you start reading impressions, fun?


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