Global domain name starting with C list

And the Japan domain name “. JP “of it exists world 254, as countries and regions in their own domain name. List countries starting in section D domain.

.ca Canada Canada
CC Cocos Islands Cocos (Keeling) Islands ( Australia )
.CD Congo, Democratic Republic of Democratic Republic of the Congo
.cf Central African Republic Central African Republic
.CG Congo Congo in Switzerland Switzerland
.CI Cote d ‘ Ivoire Côte d’Ivoire
.CK Cook Islands Cook Islands ( New Zealand )
.CL Chile Chile
.cm Cameroon Cameroon
.CN China China
.co Colombia Colombia
.CR Costa Rica Costa Rica
.cs Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia
.cu Cuba Cuba
.CV Cape Verde Cape Verde
.CX Christmas Island Christmas Island ( Australia )
.cy Cyprus Cyprus
.cz is Czech Republic Czech Republic

This information is of April 2011. Country, split the country domain itself may also by effects such as reflections, or disappear. Get a domain name is basically served the world. If you want domain, immediately take taking!


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