Global domain name starting with A list

And the Japan domain name “. JP “of it exists world 254, as countries and regions in their own domain name. Lists around here with A domain.

.AC Ascension Island Ascension Island (UK)
.ad Andorra Andorra
.AE United Arab Emirates U.A.E
.af Afghanistan Afghanistan
.AG is the Internet Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda
.AI Anguilla Anguilla (UK)
.Al Albania Albania
.am Armenia Armenia
.an Netherlands Antilles Netherlands Antilles
.AO is the Internet Angola Angola
creates an overlap between Antarctica Antarctica
.ar Argentina Argentina
.as American Samoa Territory of American Samoa
.at Austria Austria
.au Australia Australia
stub Aruba Aruba ( Netherlands )
.AX Å land Åland Islands ( Finland )
.AX Azerbaijan Azerbaijan

This information is of April 2011. Country, split the country domain itself may also by effects such as reflections, or disappear. Get a domain name is basically served the world. If you want domain, immediately take taking!


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