[Expertise] How-to, how to build a Facebook page

I know Facebook is not controlling the Imaging.
The way that you want to use Facebook better featured in Introduces usage-how to build a Facebook page.

And Facebook

Facebook, to deepen exchanges among their friends and colleagues, classmates, neighbors and It is the world’s largest SNS (social networking service).
Facebook available and check your friends ‘ recent photos uploaded by share or post links and videos, contact with people.
System of Government’s Facebook here. http://ja-JP.Facebook.com/

System of Government look for more information about Facebook http://f-navigation.jp/

Facebook page

People who want to disseminate information about specific companies or organizations, artists,
You can create on a Facebbok page through the page
Or the introduction of the goods or services, or delivery of the notice in You can try to AC fans and customers.

Features of the Facebook page

Boards, photos, videos, discussions, Features such as events, these can be used free of charge.
Therefore, publicity budget like limited Has become easier to make official page companies and organizations.

How to build a Facebook page

  Go to Facebook page “create page” while logged in to Facebook,
  Select a genre, category, enter the required information.
Press Start button and I agree that the terms and conditions create a separate page. http://www.Facebook.com/pages/create.php

  Page has been created, first sets the profile photo (image image). Friendliness aside profile photo was better, but easier to more easily and have interest.

  Then introduces the page created fans.
  You can invite friends on Facebook page You can introduce shed announcements page wall in my.

  Add basic data page introduction.
  Official site, if any, put its URL, The tricks more interested visitors can enrich the contents of the page.

  Only user created a Facebook page is manage people at this time. If you want to increase the management who also change Facebook page “Edit” → “people management”.

  If you want private Fanbook page, such as between relations community Facebook page “Edit”-> “management authority” allows setting changes.

  After you create the basic pages and their page like after, You can or let the life wall お したり 知らせ ウォール で 近況 を みる 反応 リアルタイム ファン から の の を in real-time from the fan reaction!


Facebook page is coming is attracting fast as a place to socialize more fans! Also, think variety may come, and to enhance the contents of a Facebook page and interact with fans.
Customers who have not created a Facebook page is a simple home page instead, and try making casual feeling?.


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