How to print without wasting paper in Excel

When you print out data created on a PC, doing not good will or?
 -Too large for your photo paper, printed across two pages….
 Turning into one sentence, displays at the end of the second and wasted paper was… -To print only the required range!

So Excel will to resolve its troubles when.
Font size and the size of the entire document when you print the Excel, regardless Unlimited scaling capabilities.


  1. -Documents preparation
    To print text and image, paste documents such as Excel worksheets on the other. Decoration method and paste it into Excel will not be described here. See how it is listed at other sites, etc.,.
  2. -Print Preview Click the Print Preview button, select print preview from the [file]
  3. -To adjust the magnification setting screen
    Click the settings button in the preview window.
    Opens the page setup screen. Use the red frame in the above function.
    [Zoom] and enter numbers, you can adjust the scale.
    Next to the print page [1] x height [1]
    It is part of this very useful feature.
    For example, horizontal and vertical [1] x [1], automatically will adjust to fit on one sheet of paper. If you want to print across multiple pages, next to portrait [1] x [] and will adjust automatically to fit vertical multiple sheets next to one, and that.


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