Mr. Akashi house party jokes love learning and: conocan much ado about nothing Edition 1

In the banquet room seats, want conversation fun girl! Tailor the story girl and very even? That worries non, non, non! Mr. Akashi House learn the flow and: conocan talk, popular among guaranteed! From what can さいさい strong female characters even is even a cute girl, it’s a cheeky girl,.

Opening series

( Samma appeared ) Sanma “one thank you. No-one rookie in today. Sekiya says. Eh, what is your?

Female is 30 Sanma “Sasa Sasa, サンジュウ! Rookie Weir was too late. Hui by.
What do Bon voyage of ”
Women’s “Eyelash perm or exte salon management that has” Sanma “today’s outfit, what image?
」 Women’s “the exposure is kinda heavy costumes, I take a look at. Hah!
」 Sanma “woo back! It is, so I’m alive o nendoroid! Darn shame in her mid-20s 1990s put it? Another nice. So let’s go. Today’s guest is good! Takada Jun next to さんでー!
」 Takada “immediately, thank you ever so, one good chatter?

Sanma “have an interesting story?”
Takada “story which is I”
Sanma “so nice” Takada “when you have a pen I guess make finger it.
What selfish say, after you develop thumbs the fell pen Nya poking around and (laughs) “ Sanma “Yeah says natural! Anta, waste alone!

Takada, “is another one to tell the truth, just like” Sanma “is another good. Facing such gods, today this theme “

Cold man [speech]

Sanma “even-, anyway you not in the fucking man I had one, with concave surface and do not have to do that. First of all here “

オヤジギャグ to say [man]

Women’s “truth is I’m ATASHI’s boyfriend is a 40-year-old オヤジギャグ ヒドい.
」 Sanma “variety is also オヤジギャグ from I ~. And no I’m nendoroid?

Women’s “come, and ate with his barbecue shop, ‘ know it is difficult to burn this barbecue is-‘ or says” Sanma “クワァー (laughs). ( the pen menu hit gesture to ) and it had not come.

Women’s “even is old Samma says I ‘m”
Sanma “what and nendoroid” Women’s “or not say it is what Sanma’s ‘kiss’?
」 Sanma “rumiko Seya.
Kiss is pet seems to be on TV, and not did you!? “ Women’s “‘kiss’ what it is! People of the early Showa era is or not I want ~.
I Nye and others say such a thing is “ Sanma “かてない I’m done! Aho! It is changing. Next go to I. Followed here “

[Under the 食らいつく story?

Sanma “certainly as disgusting. Kore-which?

Women’s “Yes” Sanma “or boss of the company?
」 Women’s “it’s not ( pointing Samma ).
」 Sanma “who, me and nendoroid! Cold finger, a Hou!

Women’s “under this program, NetA limping back-and and saying I’m” Sanma “and it work!
」 Women’s “amoral during this time and how many? And what is or not I’ve heard more than once?
」 Sanma “first I got かっち! What, no paddle or darn! Do freely under Sakai said story, here follow most nendoroid!
」 Women’s “but set stuff ‘ in CITES like etching, hand not ‘ or saying or I.
So I include enough and I “ Sanma “and TV! Not interest anyone do it!
」 Women’s “after your gone boobs like, huh?
」 Sanma “rumiko Seya. Hey, its chest, what Cup and nendoroid?

Women are F Cup Sanma “Yeah Yeah Yeah, ふ? Fujiko Fujio, hey I F’s and since no paddle?
」 Women’s “hated it anymore. イヤラしい face too!
」 Sanma “someone and nendoroid アホンダラ! What is イヤラシい? Little mirror m.i.! Not so much that…… Honma and “



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